What causes the robot to malfunction?

May 18, 2022

Please check the following items first. If there is a problem in any of the cases, fix it. If your robot is still not active by fixing the following items, send your email to support to check the problem.

Order Changing

If the user changes the positions of the robot inside her exchange account(feminine) Search, for example cancel or add order, etc. These actions can cause the robot to malfunction.

Bot Status

If the user stops the robot, the robot will have no control over the positions and the user will have to manage the continuation of the process through her exchange account.

Balance Changing

If the robot has an open position and the user reduces its balance value, it will disrupt the robot's performance.
Minimum investment for each robot is different from others

API isconnection

If you change or delete the api information, the robot can no longer trade for you.


Do not trade on the list of currencies that the robot trades with.

Changing Algos

When you change the robot coefficient or Algos, the robot needs to close the previous positions in order to be able to open a position for you with the new coefficient, and this process takes some time. (As soon as the previous positions are closed, the position will open for you with a new coefficient.)

Low charge of  BidShell wallet

If the amount in your bidshell wallet is less than the specified amount ($1), the robot will not open a new position for you and will only manage the existing open positions and after closing them will stop until recharging.

Incorrect position mode in Binance exchange

In Binance exchange, changing the mode from one-way-mode to hedge-mode causes the robot to malfunction.
to correct this, see  "How to change position mode in Binance website?"

Robot Stop

Sometimes the robot is temporarily suspended or stopped for updating algorithms, in which case do not worry at all because as soon as the update is completed, the robot itself will be reactivated and will open the position.

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