How to Start Kucoin bot and trading?

May 18, 2022

To start trading on Kucoin, at first you should buy Kucoin robot (to help see "How to buy Kucoin robot?")

  • Step #1:

    On bidshell website on INVEST page you can start Kucoin bot

  • Step #2:

    Enter the API name you have entered in creating API for Kucoin then click Allocate Funds (you must have connected Kucoin API to bidshell to can allocate funds. If you don't, first connect it. See API to help)

  • Step #3:

    Now you see the amount that you have in your futures account on Kucoin website. To update amount, click arrows on last update part. You will see "update completed successfully" and your amount correctly (this is amount in your futures account on Kucoin website). If you do not see this message or correct amount repeat 2 and 3 steps. You should have at least 150 usdt on Kucoin futures account to start trading. After seeing correct your amount, click Allocate Funds button. you will receive Allocate Funds completed successfully.


Note: You do not withdrawal any fund from your exchange account to bidshell website for trading. your all funds are kept in your account on exchange website (Binance, Kucoin, etc).

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