How to buy Kucoin robot?

May 17, 2022

Buy Kucoin robot

After registering on bidshell website, you can buy bot. to buy it do as follows:

  • Step #1:

    On INVEST page (on header menu of bidshell) click buy now button on Kucoin box


Note: The robot costs $45 to buy. This $45 includes $25 to set up and $20 for charging your account on bidshell.

Note: Default trade fee is 10%: It means that You will be deducted 10% of the trading profit as a robot fee. Whenever the amount of your account is less than this, you will be notified via telegram or can change bots trade fee.

  • Step #2:

    Click pay with nowpayments

  • Step #3:

    You see payment amount (Total: 45 usd)
    You must select the currency through which you want to pay.
    select USDTTRC20 because of the lower transaction fees.
    Click proceed to payment button.

  • Step #4:

    To pay, copy the wallet address.


Note: One dollar will be added to the quote as a transaction fee. (45.2 + 1 = 46.2 = 47).

Payment on Kucoin website

  • Step #5:

    On kucoin website click on Assets and then Main Account.

  • Step #6:

    On Main Account page on usdt row click "withdraw"

  • Step #7:

    Paste wallet address you have copied on bidshell website here in wallet address part.
    Select TRX in network box and enter Amount, 47. Then click withdraw button.

  • Step #8:

    You will see tamper-proofing confirmation, then click confirm withdrawal button.

  • Step #9:

    On security verification box you should enter trading password (you have set before on Kucoin website)
    Press send code button to receive a code via your email and then enter the code in related part (part 3)
    Enter you google Authentication code in part 2-FA code (part 4) And then submit.

  • Step #10:

    After a while you will see completed at the Recent Withdrawals Status.


you can start your kucoin bot now.

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