Bot Introduction

Bot Introduction

  • What is the robot crypto trading?

    BidShell is a collection of robots that can trade like an active crypto trader at the right time for you to make a profit. Relax and create a bidshell Account.

  • How to buy Binance robot?
  • How to buy Kucoin robot?
  • How to Start binance bot and trading?
  • How to Start Kucoin bot and trading?
  • How can i change bots trade fee?
  • When does the robot start trading?

    After you have done the necessary items (buying robot, connecting api, allocate funds, charging bidshell wallet). It takes 24 to 72 hours for the robot to open the first position.

  • What causes the robot to malfunction?
  • How to change robot settings?
  • How to change position mode in Binance website?
  • What causes the bot to be banned?

    -Connecting an exchange account to more than one robot
    -Manipulating bot orders
    -Failure to comply with the rules written on the site

  • Is it possible to set the robot to work with a certain percentage (for example, 70%) of the capital in my futures?

    Yes. The robot has the ability to adjust the amount of capital.
    For this, you need to enter the robot settings and specify the amount of Capital percentage as desired.
    Note: Of course, do this when you don't have an open position, otherwise this will disrupt the robot's performance.

  • I was going to buy the Binance robot but I made a mistake and bought the kucoin robot, is it possible to change?

    Yes, please send your request via email (with the same email you registered in bidshell).

  • When should I turn off or on the long and short option?

    This can be customized by yourself. Usually, when the market is up, you can turn on Long, and when the market is down, you can turn on Short.

  • Does the bot have an expiration date?

    No, The bots are permanent and with just one payment, the bot will be yours forever and the subscription has no expiration date.

  • How can I find out that the robot is trading for me?

    You can connect your bot to your Telegram account. The robot will send you a report after doing anything.

  • Does our system or mobile phone have to be online to use the robot?

    No, You do not need to be online. You just need to connect the robot to your exchange account through api and the robot will do its work even when you are not online.

  • Does the robot have a test or demo mode?

    No, you can start working with the robot with the minimum required capital and increase your capital if you are satisfied.

  • What happens if I stop the bot?

    In this case, the robot no longer has any management over your open positions and you have to manage them yourself.

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