All thing about Api

  • How to Create API on binance website
  • How to Create API on kucoin website?
  • How to Create API on okx website?
  • How to Create API on bingx website?
  • How to Copy api key
  • How to connect your exchange account using API?

    Log in to your exchange account, create and copy API keys.
    After that enter copied API keys and click “Connect to Exchange” button.
    Now your bidshell and your exchange accounts are connected and you can proceed with setting up your first bot!

  • I did not make any changes in the api of Kucoin and the robot, but my api has encountered a problem, what should I do?

    First, create a new api in Kucoin. If you were able to create an api on the exchange without any problems, register your new api on the bidshell site and assign it to the bot.
    Otherwise, you should verify your Kucoin account and do not use IPs from different countries.

  • How can I change the robot api?

    First enter the robot page and then click on the api button and choose the api you want and finally click on the update button
    And in the next step (on the same page), click on the Bots button and check the amount of your capital again.

  • Does the robot after a month open new positions with new capital, or do we need to update our api?

    There is no need to update, the robot checks and updates the capital in your exchange first to open each position.

  • Can I use one API for two robots or connect one robot to two APIs?

    no Because this will disrupt the operation of the robot. Each robot can only work with one api.

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