Running For

734 Days


Binance Futures


All futures coins



This bot only works in Binance Futures with maximum leverage available.
The strategy of this bot is focused on 'safety first' principles for a stable / secure profit increase. It tries to 'always win' by hopping in, hopping out, waiting + observing (and repeating this cycle) The average exposure time in general is less than one day but there are some exceptions depending on market conditions.
The strategy keeps it very simple with VWMACD underbought & oversold conditions to buy / sell in, and price conditions to sell / buy out. For increased profit performing the strategy is maximum leveraged without exceeding it safety-borders. It is secured with a trailing stoploss for increased safety insurance.
Please be aware: This is a high-risk strategy. Apply Risk Management by diversifying your investments into several trading strategies to minimize risks and optimize your risk / reward ratio.


1855.75 % Returns

22941 Investor(s)

150 USDT Min Allocation

45 USD Setup Fee

10% Trade Fee

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